When you Join Us November 11-18th…

You will get a personal experience of how to do “more with less” as you put into practice the SECRETS to BUILDING and GROWING A MULTIMILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS, including:

  • Learn from Masters in Sales & Marketing and  how to apply new principles in real life.
  • Learn to develop a high-profit business in minimum time.
  • The opportunity to participate in a Trade Show on the 8th day where you and a team will create a brand new products / service and create a business around it.
  • Discover new “patterns of thinking” that then can be applied to creating, growing, expanding and even selling any business.
  • You will learn powerful processes that will teach you about people (and yourself).
  • Skills in Leadership, Team-Building, Communication, How to Motivate More Efficiently, and Cooperation.
  • How to get your business to work without you through total leverage.
  • Network with a million-dollar rolodex of like-minded, highly-skilled entrepreneurs.
  • Discover the hidden “obstacles” that are preventing you from success.
  • By the end of the School, your management skills would have skyrocketed, and your ability to manage people and build your organization(s) will become much easier for you.
  • Learn to open yourself up to a radically different approach to learning that will increase your income.
  • Get advanced “principles” that will multiply your revenues.
  • Money-Making Systems for Sales & Marketing, Planning, Entrepreneurial Management, Growing and Capitalizing your business.
  • You will also be taken through experiential exercises to support you in working with your team in clearing blocks to great wealth.
  • Develop your success MINDSET for “sufficiency” and attract all the wealth, resources and people you need.
  • Breakthrough strategies for rapid-growth and how to “control” your growth so that your business does not collapse under the pressure.

Plus, you will learn from business leaders who not only spend classroom time with you working on your business, but also during meals and breaks.

They will share with you their Winning Formulas in:

  • Strategic Planning (PERT)
  • “Engineering of Vision”
  • Powerful Sales
  • Leveraging intangible assets
  • Marketing off-line and on-line
  • Moving yourself / your teams from Scarcity-thinking to Sufficiency to true Abundance
  • Being a Global Entrepreneur
  • Building Winning/Aligned Teams
  • Communications
  • Organizational Systems
  • How to add value to each and every client while expanding your sphere of influence… and more!

You will also have the opportunity to participate in the International Trade Show so you can put your own business on display and receive valuable feedback from a panel of experts on your positioning, marketing, product development and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to “excellerate” your business—expanding your markets and your outlook—you cannot afford to miss out on THIS.

What will you gain from attending the English Excellerated Business School?

We are inviting you to not only experience the first-ever 8 Day English residential program  – where you’ll also automatically get access the One-Year Excellerated Masters’ Program that is included in your lifetime membership to attend any of our Business Schools, anywhere in the world!

You also get:

  • A Life-time membership to any future Business School® for Entrepreneurs for FREE anywhere in the world in any language! You arrange your travel, pay for meals/hotel accommodations only as required by the venue where the program is being held.
  • If you wish to participate in BSE outings / activities, receive workbook, handouts, school materials, bonuses and other items distributed to the new participants, a small fee will be charged.
  • You sit in the back of the room and review the entire program if you wish. You can network with the new participants and all the other graduates from around the world that choose to come back. You also have access to the instructors, guest speakers and other VIP guests that come to the programs. It’s a whole new program that you can attend globally as often as you like!

What does it take to qualify?

You’ll need to have:

  1. A business that can leverage opportunities you’ll discover.
  2. A leadership role within your company and the ability to forge new business relationships.
  3. The desire to learn new ways of building and growing your business.
  4. The desire to become a Global Entrepreneur and see firsthand the extraordinary growth of Asia-Pacific.

Over the past 38 years, we’ve trained more than 105,000 people from over 80 countries from different economic and cultural backgrounds… from corporate executives to solo consultants to social entrepreneurs… to every kind of candidate in-between.

With hundreds of thousands of business owners expected to receive this invitation, we can’t guarantee places will be available much longer. Our office will be receiving applications from around the world.

All spots will be awarded on a first-to-apply, first-to-qualify basis. Please take action now to be considered for this life-changing program..

Wishing You Tremendous Success,

Dame DC Cordova
CEO, Excellerated Business School® for Entrepreneurs

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