• A Message from DC Cordova

Great news! A 23-year hiatus is over and a personal invitation for you …

I am so excited to tell you that after an exactly 23-year absence, in just 6 weeks Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs is returning to the West!

During this time, while we have successfully completed nearly 100 Business Schools 84 in Chinese, the rest in english and 10’s of thousands of people have benefitted. We’ve not held one in the Americas since Hawaii in 1994.

That is all about to change!

Right now, we have developed the 5th Generation of the Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs and I personally want to invite you to be part of this incredible opportunity…

Now called the Global Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs
www.GBSESchool.com … it is a truly unique experience looking at the next wave of Entrepreneurship that is going to impact us for the 5, 10, 30 years to come and it is being held November 11-18, 2017 in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.

While it is the core Business School experience you will remember, this time it is layered with a view into the looking glass if you will, where we will be exploring what it will take to be a world leading entrepreneur in your business and industry during “The Next Wave” of our quickly changing world.

Specifically, we will also look at how to “future proof” yourself and your wealth.  A recent study from Washington University found that 40% of Fortune 500 businesses will become redundant – no longer exist – in the next decade! 40%.  The speed of change is going to be too great for many unsuspecting companies. Many businesses now considered “titans” will be washed into extinction when they fail to keep up with “The Next Wave”. Let alone masses of small to medium sized enterprises …

Visit http://www.GBSESchool.com to find out more – absolutely everything about it is listed there.

Take advantage of your Lifetime Membership. This event will be about distinctions on distinctions for you — it is a brand new program in many ways!

Of course, you have a Lifetime Membership to go to any Business School anywhere in the world TUITION FREE.

That means you can attend the 10 days for only US$1,980 – this simply covers your accommodation, staying at the all-inclusive hotel which is essential, including meals, drinks, breaks, transfers etc. Of course, you get to benefit from the whole program, as well as, ever expanding your network by meeting the incredible new people participating for the first time from all over the world, as well as your fellow BSE Graduates.

I know that this event will absolutely blow your mind and take your work to a whole other level while opening more global doors for your wonderful work.

What a great way to get a shot in the arm of what’s possible for your next level of development and creation!

(We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to come, so even if you can only join us for a few days, there’s a day fee to make that an option for you as well.)

Just go here to book yourself in http://www.globalbusinessschoolretreat.com/deposit-grads/  


Dame DC Cordova & the BSE Global Team!

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