• Conversation with DC Cordova, Maria Simone and Chad Warren

    A Higher Purpose

Welcome to this Inspirational Webinar with Maria Simone, Chad Warren and DC Cordova about How A Higher Purpose Can Support Social Entrepreneurs To Access Capital

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About Maria Simone

Co-Founder & President of ZenMoose Capital, LLC, a Transformational Media Company and Social Impact Fund; she is a serial entrepreneur, consummate deal-maker and has been featured in Success Magazine and made appearances on ABC and Fox TV in the USA. She is the Author. Her 7-Step Enlightened Business Building System™, has helped thousands of start-up entrepreneurs to create solid, conscious business models including acquiring capital, building powerful teams and customer attraction strategies.

About Chad Warren

CEO and Founder of ZenMoose Capital, LLC, a Transformational Media Company and Social Impact Fund. ZenMoose invests in, produces and incubates highly impactful and uplifting media related technologies, online digital content platforms, films, TV shows and documentaries. Chad has worked extensively with bringing developing businesses and investors together for maximum mutual benefit. He has studied directly with legendary Buckminster Fuller.

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