The Benefits

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A fun, experiential way to expand your horizons… studying transformational principles for life and business… and adding effective business training to your personal skillset—you’ll not only be able to grow your business or new venture, but you’ll also expand your ability to work with countless types of strategic partners, employees, investors and others who are important to your success.

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Meet and Work with Entrepreneurs Who Share the Passion and Drive You Do.

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Discover the Synergy of Working With Leaders as You Create a Mock Business Together.

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Showcase Your Business  in a Trade Show for Grads and Attendees. Make Connections You Can Build Upon.

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Continued Support

Be Part of our Grad Community with Ongoing Support and Networking Opportunities.

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For the last 35 years, we have been developing our Asia Pacific network – and my partners have promoted and conducted thousands of business training events in throughout Asia-Pacific, on the principles of enlightened entrepreneurship and the systems of business success.

We’ve graduated tens of thousands of students. And many of these graduates have gone on to become some of the Region’s leading entrepreneurial figures and greatest business visionaries. This network can be YOURS.

You’ll benefit greatly from immersing yourself in this week-long transformational program—and you’ll realize even more benefits from actually connecting with like-minded business owners who are also pursuing enlightened entrepreneurship.

BSE2The English Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs is an 8-day experiential program (with a Bonus 9th Networking Day) where you will participate with fellow entrepreneurs and learn new ways of accelerating your current business as you all work together to build a simulated business during the training. You’ll discover cutting-edge methods to “excellerate” your future through real-world strategies and effective interaction with other entrepreneurs.

Most importantly, you’ll discover revolutionary principles and methods of applying leverage, cooperation and values—principles that mega-successful businesses all have in common.

We’ll be inviting Excellerated Business School graduates that live both in Malaysia, Singapore and the Region to visit with you (that have attended both the English and Chinese BSE’s)—these are savvy entrepreneurs who represent a variety of nationalities, religious backgrounds and tremendous business experience. We’ve even scheduled sessions where you will gather together, allowing you to develop important contacts and beneficial friendships with fellow participants from across Asia. The business school consistently attracts business leaders from all industries—from trendy start-up entrepreneurs to established billionaires.

If you’ve ever wanted to “ramp up” your business—expanding your markets and your outlook—one of the best investments you can make is to attend THIS important experiential event.


Not only will you be personally transformed by your time in this program, but your career and business will undergo a major shift, too.

By participating in our fun, experiential learning techniques… studying transformational principles for life and business… and adding effective business training to your personal skillset—you’ll not only be able to grow your business or new venture, but you’ll also expand your ability to work with countless types of strategic partners, employees, investors and others who are important to your success.

We would like to see YOU participate along with this important group of entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s our hope that—through this event—you will dramatically increase your leverage, realize the unlimited global potential in your business and expand the markets for your products and services!

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BSE3Seating at the English-language Excellerated Business School is limited. So the earlier you contact us to secure your spot, the better your chance of being guaranteed this important business and networking opportunity. Plus, the benefits don’t stop once the English-language Business School is over. You’ll also enjoy ongoing benefits like these:

All English-language program participants also receive automatic access to the one-year Excellerated Masters’ Program that begins the day you register.

PLUS, you get free lifetime attendance at any future Excellerated Business School for Entrepreneurs anywhere in the world—in any language! But don’t discount THIS important benefit. Our programs are routinely attended by returning graduates with whom you can network, do deals, get referrals, or otherwise build your own business. Our graduate network is among the most important and powerful “insider circles” in the world—a global trusted network of entrepreneurs who are committed to uplifting humanity’s consciousness through business.
Secure your place in this network. We’ll open endless possibilities for you in this amazing Region. Don’t delay.

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